What Once Terrified, Now Brings a Smile

“Sometimes when I do The Work I feel I am bringing my very worst out into the light. It’s a little embarrassing to have to share those moments with someone else.  But with Bryan I never hesitate; he has room to hold anything I can bring. Recently he held me so gently and firmly in inquiry about an event that I was suddenly flooded with memories I had never had access to before . I’ve heard Katie say, “What we believed happened shifts into something entirely different.” It’s an exciting experience. Now, thoughts of the incident which terrified me before, actually make me smile. I cherish doing The Work with Bryan.”

 -Janael M.


The Work as a Mirror

“I was introduced to “The Work” of Byron Katie shortly after I began training Yoga Teachers and right in the midst of raising teenagers, how timely! For several years I found relief in the “turn around” process which, much like the discipline of the yoga practice, it provided a mirror for me to question my thoughts. It wasn’t until I met Bryan Wagner, facilitator of “The Work,” that I really understood the process in the way that brought much more clarity and healing. Bryan is an amazingly gifted teacher that lightens the room with a sense of humor and yet at the same time supports the space with a depth of pure  presence, that which is open, honest and compassionate. Bryan has done his own work, which opens the gateway for others to feel supported and safe as they do the work on themselves.”

— Robin Buck, Director
Jane’s House of Well-Being


The Work as Kind

“The Work of Byron Katie is a simple, yet profound process of direct inquiry into the nature of stressful thoughts and an invitation to experience reality as kind, loving, and generous.  As a practice of awareness and meditation, I have found filling out a “worksheet” and answering the 4 questions to be a powerful support to healing and transformation in many areas of my life.  Bryan Wagner is an excellent facilitator and gifted teacher of The Work. In workshop settings and in private facilitation, he provides clarity and a depth of wisdom in his guidance, as well as great sense of humor, laughter & joy.  I feel truly blessed to know and work with Bryan!”        

Emily Weaver



The Work does the work

“With the Work, I’ve been able to make peace in relationships, let go of resentments and find clarity and acceptance of reality. More important, the work has helped me make peace with me. When I’m upset, I know what to do – grab a worksheet and ask the 4 questions. What I love most about the Work is that it’s not a set of skills I have to master or a worldview I have to adopt – it’s as simple as answering the questions and doing the turnarounds. Then the Work does the work. Bryan Wagner is a compassionate, skillful facilitator of the Work. And doing the Work with Bryan is fun as well as healing and enlightening. What could be better?

-C. M.


The Work Heals Relationship with Mother

“Bryan introduced me to The Work a few years ago when I was having issues about multiple things, especially my mother. He has a way of lovingly and patiently walking me through the process of The Work, in a way that allowed me to improve my experiences significantly in personal life issues!! The Work allowed me to see my part in several dysfunctional areas including those that I had perpetuated with my mother for years! The Work led me to change myself in our relationship, which changed her interaction patterns, and now we can actually enjoy our relationship! I came to realize that I was being judgmental about her in my mind and feeling superior while we were together. I had to change to make our relationship work, and she didn’t have to do anything but be herself. The Work gave me freedom and insight.

Bryan is this amazing facilitator who guides, supports, and gently confronts when necessary, but never judges or blames. He gives you his full attention and expertise to help you see your stressful thoughts in ways that make you have profound “aha moments.” I love doing The Work with Bryan; he helped me change my life!!”

L. D.


 The Work as Finding Your Own Answers

My experience with The Work has been life transforming. It has brought me to an acceptance, peace and celebration of life I haven’t been able to achieve in any other way. It is so practical and when my world is swirling it gives me a simple concrete place to return. I like finding my own answer and by questioning my thoughts I can find ones that are deeply meaningful to me.

Bryan brings such depth to my experience of The Work through his insight and sensitivity as a facilitator. He helps brings out the simple answers from inside of me and clear out the clutter that stands in my way and  brings me back to The Work when I get off track.”

P. H.

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The Work with Bryan, The Work of Byron Katie in  St. Louis