The Work Essentials:

The following downloads are to assist you in your work.

The Little Book  – This is a PDF of a booklet explaining how to do The Work.  All that you need to know to get yourself started doing The Work is in this booklet.

“Judge Your Neighbor” Worksheet – This frequently used Worksheet is to help you identify your stressful thoughts.

Facilitation Guide – A guide to help you facilitate yourself, your friends and family.

Instructions for The Work – This is a brief summary of how to do The Work.  It takes the “Little Book” and reduces it to a couple of pages.  If you are new to The Work, this is helpful to have near you as you work your stressful thought.

Emotions List – A list of emotions to help you identify what you are really feeling

One Belief-at-a-Time – This is a companion worksheet with the “Judge Your Neighbor” Worksheet.  You take one stressful thought and write it on top of this sheet and follow the simple instructions.  It will walk you through the whole process of The Work.

The Work Small Card – a quick facilitation guide.

Judge Your Body Worksheet – Very similar to the “Judge Your Neighbor” worksheet, but it is to help assist in identifying stressful thoughts about the body.



Helpline for the Work – Available 24/7, this international hotline has facilitators from all over the world.  The service is free of charge.  It’s best to have a Judge Your Neighbor Worksheet filled out before calling.  Skype may be required if a facilitator is in another country.  – This is Byron Katie’s main website for The Work. – This website offers programs to support you in your journey with The Work.



The Work with Bryan, The Work of Byron Katie in  St. Louis