Origins of The Work

The Work was founded by Byron Katie (also simply known as Katie) in 1986.  After a 10 year long decline into depression, anger and self-loathing, Katie awoke one day in a state of clarity and joy.  In that clarity, she realized that when she believed her stressful thoughts she suffered and when she questioned her stressful thought she was free.  This was not only true for her, but true for everyone else.  It is from this realization that The Work was born.

This realization brought about a radical transformation in Katie.   Since that initial awakening, that joyousness and clarity hasn’t left her.  Her friends, family and community notice a very radical change in Katie.  People started to come to Katie with their pain and problems asking for help.  She began to share The Work with them.  As people began to experience The Work, they began to find their own freedom and peace.  They began to end their own suffering.

Katie was invited to people’s living rooms, community halls, churches, Bookstores and spiritual centers to share her insights and The Work.    In these early days, she went where ever she was invited.  It was from this that The Work spread throughout California, then to the rest of the United States.  From there it has spread throughout the world.

Katie now travels the World sharing The Work with anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to end their own suffering.  Her travels outside the US frequently include Canada, Germany, Israel, Turkey, England, Netherlands.