How to Do The Work

The Work is a two step process. Step one is to identify your stressful thoughts.  One of the ways to do that is to download, print, and fill out a “Judge Your Neighbor” Worksheet. Step two is to question each stressful thought with 4 questions and what is called “turnarounds.”  The 4 questions are:
1)        Is it true?
2)        Can you absolutely know that it is true?
3)        How do you react, what happens, when you believe this thought?
4)        Who would you be without this thought?

Once you have questioned a thought, you do what is called a turnaround to it.  A turnaround is a way to the original thought from different angles.  Typically, there are several ways to turn a thought around. They are as follows:

Turn around to the Self: For example; take the thought, “She rejects me.”  To turn that thought to the self, one would rewrite the statement to “I reject me.”

Turnaround to the Other:  “She rejects me” turns around to “I reject her.”

Turnaround to the Opposite: “She rejects me” turns around to “She didn’t reject me.”

Turnaround to “My thinking”:  This kind of turnaround is used when one is questioning a stressful thought that isn’t about a person, but instead about an object or a concepts.  For example: “Mondays are stressful”  can be turnaround to “My thinking is Stressful” or My thinking about Mondays is stressful”.  Another example is: “Computers drive me crazy” can be turnaround to “My thinking drives me crazy” or “My thinking about computers drive me crazy”.

With each of these turnarounds we try to find at least three examples of how the turnarounds are as true or truer than the original statement.  Sometimes, the turnarounds may not make sense immediately, and I find as I sit with them with an open mind I can usually find how they are as true if not truer.

To assist you through this process of The Work, you can use a “One Belief at a Time” Worksheet.  This worksheet walks you through the entire process of The Work.  Just follow the directions as you go.

This is The Work at its simplest explanation.  For a much more detailed explanation of how to do The Work please read “The Little Book” which you can find here.  This booklet has everything you need to get started.

Watch as Katie explains The Work