Books and CD’s:

The following books can be purchased through our website at Amazon as paperbacks, hardbacks, kindles or CDs.  These books are selected to help you deepen your experience of The Work.

“Loving What Is”
 This is Katie’s first book and is the overall best book to start with.  In it, she thoroughly covers how to do The Work on just about anything.  It’s the textbook for The Work.


“I Need Your Love – Is That True?”  This is Katie’s second book and it’s all about relationships.  Relationships can bring great joy in our lives and they can bring lots of suffering when they start to go bad.  This books deals with how to move through the suffering of relationships to find true freedom in love.

One-Thousand Names for Joy”
 This book is Katie sharing her experience of living with a thoroughly questioned mind.  It offers radical insights into life and relationship.


“Who Would You Be Without Your Story?”Is a collection of dialogues of people doing The Work with Katie.  The topics run the gamut.  It is great to see The Work in action.


“Your Inner Awakening”  
This is an excellent introduction to The Work.  It is Katie sharing how to do The Work and how it came into being.  She also shares some of her experiences with it.

“Question Your Thinking, Change The World: Quotations from Byron Katie”
This is a collection of quotes for Byron Katie.  It covers topics such as: Spiritual Awakening, Parents & Children; Sex & Relationships; and Sickness & Death.

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