Private Sessions

Many people find that being facilitated through The Work is very helpful.  It is especially helpful when you are new to The Work or are stuck in a particularly stressful story.  The facilitator is there to hold you in your own inquiry and to support you as you find your own answers. Even after many years of doing The Work and facilitating many people, I find it very helpful to be facilitated.  It is a beautiful gift I offer myself in support of finding my inner freedom.

I provide one-on-one facilitation of “The Work” on a sliding scale basis. Private sessions are $35-$65—You can choose the rate that’s most affordable for you. Sessions can be done on the phone, Skype, or in person, depending on availability.

All sessions are virtual, on Zoom or other communication methods.  If you would like to do a session, please email me at In case your message doesn’t get through the servers, and you don’t hear back from me, you can always call my office, 314-772-4325 (My office at Community Acupuncture)

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